Wyckoff position generator

Generates coordinates for all equivalent atoms from one specific atom, given its Wyckoff position of the crystal space group.

Example: for I41/amd (No. 141) space group, an atom (0, 0, 0.0729) at Wyckoff position 8e yields the following 8 atoms:

(0,0,0.0729), (0.5,0.5,0.5729), (0,0.5,0.3229), (0.5,0,0.8229), (0.5,0,0.6771), (0,0.5,0.1771), (0.5,0.5,0.4271), (0,0,-0.0729)
  Unit converter

A fast on-line unit converter, which immediately converts an input physical quantity into other units.
  Sheet of physical and chemical constants

We provide a list of useful physical and chemical constants for the convenience of research.

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Favorate textbooks

Here I list some of my favorate textbooks in physics and chemistry. They are recommended for their pedagogical nature, comprehendable for beginners.