Content All papers First, mutal-first and corresponding authors
Corresponding author Exclusive corresponding author
First or mutual-first author Exclusive first author
Selected papers only Representative papers only
Date sequence Standard Reversed
Numbering sequence Standard Reversed
Separator after index Type "None" if you do not want the index; type "Yearly" for identifier like "2019d"
Author name format Juan Francisco Martinez, J. F. Martinez, JF Martinez,
Martinez, Juan Francisco; Martinez, J. F.;
Martinez J. F., Martinez J. F.; Martinez JF, Martinez JF;
Use "and" before the last author? Yes No
Mark for corresponding author
Mark for mutual first-author
Sequence for mark and comma Mark first Comma first
Mark for sole first author
Use bold font for me? Yes No
Use "et al." for author number greater than
Include paper title? Yes No
Use italic font for journal? Yes No
Use red color for journal? Yes No
Use abbreviate name for journal? Yes No
Separator between journal name and volume
Use bold font for volume? Yes No
Include issue if any? Yes No
Separator between volume and page
Page format 216 or 091625 216-224 or 091625 216-224 or 091625(1-8)
Year format
Additional blank lines between items